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The EU and the US are global leaders and partners in CleanTech, which collaborate on global and regional environmental and sustainable development issues and international environmental forums and agreements. This Transatlantic partnership is further ensured by the Joint Transatlantic Agenda for the post-pandemic era. In the US, Europeans can find CleanTech innovation hubs, industry-related centres, among others. Moreover, the US is the biggest CleanTech market in the world.

The US Innovation Market Guide on CleanTech guides you through the US innovation ecosystem related to CleanTech, including the innovation hubs, innovation facilitators as well as Industry-related RDI centres.

From the market side, this guide also gives you a brief market overview including leading regions of the CleanTech market, opportunities and barriers to enter this market. To ensure that you have the right partner, the guide presents the CleanTech innovation and market networks and important events for you to start growing your network in the US.

In addition, the guide could help you in participating in US initiatives both at the federal level, including initiatives from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Department of Energy (DoE). At the state level, you have a chance to learn about initiatives coming from a sample of states that include California, Texas, Massachusetts and Florida

Therefore, this guide is useful for European academic and industry communities looking to get to know the CleanTech sector in the US.

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This guide was published in January 2021 and is available in English. It has 90 pages and 13 Annex pages. In order to purchase the guide fill out your details in order to be redirected to the Stripe payment page..

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations (page 11)
In this section the list of Abrreviations used in this report are presented
1 Introduction (page 14)
The US Innovation Market Guide CleanTech enables you to understand the US leading regions on agriculture technology from the innovation and market perspective
2 US innovation ecosystem (page 22)
2.1. Innovation Hubs (page 23)
2.2. Industry related RDI centers (page 34)
3 US market landscape (page 35)
3.1. Market overview (page 35)
3.2. Leading regions (page 38)
3.3. Market considerations (page 45)
   3.3.1. Opportunities (page 45)
   3.3.2. Barriers (page 47)
4 Recognized networks and events (page 48)
4.1. Innovation and market networks and associations (page 48)
4.2. Innovation and market events (page 56)
5 US innovation initiatives and programs (page 63)
5.1. Federal initiatives/programs (page 64)
   5.1.1. Department of Defense (Dod) (page 65)
   5.1.2. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (page 71)
   5.1.3. Department of Energy (DoE) (page 73)
   5.1.4. National Science Foundation (NFS) (page 74)
5.2. State initiatives/programs (page 75)
   5.2.1. California (page 75)
   5.2.2. New York (page 76)
   5.2.3. Washington DC (page 77)
6 Observations (page 79)
Annex 1: A sample of industry connected RDI Centers in CleanTech fields (page 80)
Annex 2: Summary of the US Federal and State Funding Initiatives and Programs (page 92)


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