Landing Hubs

The ENRICH in the USA Landing Hubs provide smart specialization support to EU research and innovation actors interested in transatlantic opportunities in a specific sector and/or technology domain. These Hubs, officially recognized by the ENRICH Network, are integrated with the local/regional ecosystem and are able to introduce EU R&I stakeholders into that ecosystem, so they can best take advantage of business (through Proofs of Concept and Pilotes), as well as investment and other partnership opportunities.

Similar to the ENRICH in the USA Centers, the Hubs' core Ambassadors are university incubators and innovation centers offering soft landing programs and curriculums supported by ENRICH in the USA.


Landing Hub Name




Advanced Manufacturing Landing Hub

Advanced Manufacturing – Digital Design, Additive/ Subtractive Processes, Precision Metrology/ Handling, Custom/High Volume Production

Council of the Great Lakes Region

Niagara Falls/ Buffalo, New York

Agricultural Technologies & Plant Sciences Landing Hub

Agriculture, Food Processing, Plant Sciences

Helix Centre and World Trade Center, St. Louis, and University of St Louis, Columbia.

St. Louis, Missouri

Biotechnology Philadelphia Landing Hub

Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, FoodTech and AgTech

Temple University SBDC and University City Science Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Food and Beverage Landing Hub

Food/Beverage Goods, Processing Equipment, Packaging Materials/Equipment

Greater MSP (Minneapolis Saint Paul Economic Development Partnership) and the State of Minnesota

Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota

Manufacturing & Logistics Landing Hub

Manufacturing (textiles, packaged goods, consumer goods), Supply Chain, Logistics, and Smart City

Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, the University of Georgia and the city of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Photonics Landing Hub

Optics, Photonics, and Imaging, and Smart City

NextCorps and the Business Incubator Association of New York State

Rochester, New York

Smart City Landing HubSmart City - Infrastructure, Governance, Mobility, Utilities, Energy, SustainabilityGeorge Mason University, Virginia Tech University and Smart City WorksFairfax County, VA

Smart City/Society Landing Hub

Smart City - Citizen  Engagement/Services, Governance, Mobility, Public Health/Healthcare, Public Safety, Resilience, Sustainability

Tech Ranch, University of Austin Texas, and the Dallas Innovation Alliance

Austin and Dallas, Texas

This initial list of Ambassadors were selected by the Network based on their ability to meet core requirements in competently and ethically supporting EU stakeholders with technical, business, regulatory, legal and other challenges when collaborating in the US.

Each Hub represents expertise within their respective industry verticals, to meet the needs of the diverse set of expected EU participants who will receive services at these Hubs which support new transatlantic research partnerships, commercialization of innovative research, and expansion of business opportunities.

The goal of the ENRICH in the USA Hubs, is to represent different locations and specializations across the US, to best serve a large population of EU R&I actors.

Please also visit our ENRICH in the USA Centres page for additional information on other locations within the US, serving broader sector cross-sections and providing additional services, here

In addition to on-demand site visits available with these Hubs (including virtual), many of the Hubs' Ambassadors already provide market development and acceleration services (bootcamps included) to local and foreign entrepreneurs. To see the currently available open calls for these services, please visit our News section. 

To connect to one of the below Hubs, please contact  or Sebastien Torre at +1(619) 382-8442

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