Virtual event taking place on Friday, March 19 (8:00 am to 12:00 pm pst).

Dedicated to Global Startups, and more specifically to European (also from EU "associated countries") tech entrepreneurs.

We will be introducing a selection of 24 startups to 24 top US investors (early stage VCs, business angels and equity accelerators - from the Silicon Valley in majority) plus a selection of ENRICH in the USA soft landing hubs and ecosystems.


Welcome and Introduction from ENRICH in the USA Centers and Hubs (30 min)

Two pitch sessions of 3 rooms in parallel (1 hour 40 minutes each).

Each session starts with a 20 min reverse pitch from investors and ecosystems followed by 4 x 20 min pitch from startups (5 min of pitch and 15 min of QA).

Suggested theme per room:

- TechforCity (infrastructure and TechforCommunity included)

- TechforEntertainment (Music, Cinema, Media, XR, and Gaming included)

- TechforGood (HealthTech, FoodTech, EdTech included)


Pitch Awards:

All the pitches will be rated by the investors.

  • For the top 3 startups: $500 cash prizes
  • For the top 9 startups: Access to $200,000+ (cumulative) of transatlantic support and soft landing services

Direct Applications to the ENRICH in the USA incubation joint-programs at top US universities (12 months minimum) - with no interview:

In VA: George Mason University joint program

In PA: Temple University joint program

in CA: Cal Poly University joint program

in IN: Purdue University joint program

Included: Support of Enterprise Europe Network USA (EAEC, SF and EABO, NYC): 5 hours free (advice, directions and introductions)

If your registration is validated/accepted, the link to the Zoom session will be sent to you at least a week prior.


Please register on Eventbrite


Also, European (and from associated countries) startups should apply on F6S to be selected:


Selected startups at the last Funding Summit:

- Alacarte Ventures- Aleix Barandiaran, CEO

- App&Town - Faustino Cuadrado, CEO

- AVAtronics - Jeyran Hezaveh, CEO

- Bettair Cities SL - Josep Perello, CEO

- Bobsla GmbH - Sergey Ignatyev, CEO

- - Charles COHEN, CEO

- CleanMotion - Alex Horvarth, CEO

- Experify - René Pfitzner, CEO

- Geckomatics - Bert Cattoor, CEO

- GlobalM - Lance Newhart, CEO

- InnovaRiver - Danail Petkov, CEO

- Klepsydra Technologies - Pablo Ghiglino, CEO

- Kyra Pahlen, CEO

- Memovie - Frederic Papeians

- MJN - David Blanquez, CEO

- MyElixa - Silvia Cordoni, CEO

- Nabta Health - Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki

- niikiis - Carlos P. Hornstein, CEO

- QPQ Ltd.- Greg Chew, CEO

- Rheo Diagnostics S.L.- Maria Cabello, CSO

- S-Case - Slavomir Hruska , COO

- Securaxis- Glenn Meleder, CEO

- SensiX - Lucian Corduneanu, CEO

- Sharifyapp - Gemma Prenafeta Ribera, CEO

- Surgeons Lab - Fredrick Joseph

- Swiss Vault - Bhupinder Bhullar, CEO

- Treasure Hunters - Diego Rohner, CEO

- Typewise - David Eberle, CEO

- VideoOculograph - Anastasia Usanova, CEO

- Vtransfair- Niky Achivei, CEO


THANK YOU SBDC Temple University, Invest EU, and Enterprise Europe Network for your great support and partnership!