Become an Ambassador

What are Ambassadors

Ambassadors are different types of organisations (or networks) that are active in Research, Innovation and/or Transatlantic collaboration and are an important source of revenues for the sustainability of ENRICH in the USA. The most important criteria for consideration, however, is that potential ambassadors are vetted (e.g. have no past legal or financial issues, have great references, etc.) and can share relevant success case studies. Ambassadors have the ability to contribute to the sustainability of ENRICH in the USA by creating new revenue opportunities for the Centers through partnerships, as well as improving operational efficiencies of ENRICH in the USA by enabling access to additional promotional and subject matter expertise (and networks) to support/enhance what is available on-staff at the ENRICH in the USA Network.


Role of Ambassadors

ENRICH in the USA Ambassadors can be more or less active in the network, according to their interest and synergies. Potential ambassadors may include, but are not limited to, organisations providing the following types of services:


Legal servicesCurriculum development/programming
Accounting/book-keepingSales consulting
Feasibility studiesConstruction services
Community planningArchitectural services
Marketing consultingTechnical consulting
Grant writingRegulatory consulting
ITAR or other compliance consultingThird-party product validations
Marketing or Public Relations servicesManufacturing
IT/Telecom servicesCreative/Web Design
Financial ServicesPrototyping
Accelerators / IncubatorsEntrepreneurship / Innovation Centers
Regional Innovation ClustersOffice Supply Vendors


How to become an Ambassador

An Ambassador can join at any time.. To become an Ambassador, one must fill in an application form via the ENRICH in the USA website. Criteria for being chosen are the added value for the project´s activities based on complementary knowledge or resources, as well as strong interest to join the Centres’ and Landing Hubs’ (the project) activities building on own resources.

We should differentiate Ambassadors and Sponsors.

Sponsors are large service or product organizations looking for visibility or leads or sourcing opportunities by partnering with ENRICH in the USA. Sponsorship programs are in place and can we shared on demand.


Benefits for Ambassadors

  • Fast track connection to and engagement with European Research and Innovation Actors
  • Reputable public relations and visibility of their organisation via exposure to the entire network (as well as via all outreach efforts external to network players)
  • Early access to information (ahead of external organisations) and/or financial opportunities in case the ENRICH in the USA is seeking external service providers i.e. providing events with a venue, requiring subject matter expertise, or delivering a specific service/product.
  • Eligibility to host EU-based or US-based events or services of ENRICH in the USA or other programmatic elements (in collaboration with ENRICH in the USA which, if applicable, covers cost elements).


Roles and expectations from Ambassadors

Ambassadors can assess how they would like to contribute based on their own interests and field of expertise.

The three categories serve as guidelines only, and ambassadors are of course welcome to demonstrate how best they can contribute.

  1. Outreach

    Ambassadors that spread the word about the initiative, market it to potential participants, local/regional partners and other ambassadors. Includes also promotion of relevant calls, project events and activities, etc. These ambassadors represent organizations that share common audiences or portions of the ENRICH promotional audience. Outreach ambassadors are primarily seeking high-level exposure for their products/services and would receive cross-promotion from ENRICH.
  2. Programmatic

    Ambassadors that are interested in providing content, resources or services to participants. These organizations will be able to cross-promote on outreach efforts but also may deliver content based on subject matter expertise to ENRICH channels (either self-created or collaboratively with ENRICH) for mutually benefiting opportunities of knowledge transfer. For example, providing specific input to the studies needed by the EU R&I community or contributing to the ENRICH in the USA training and networking events, when relevant.
  3. Advocacy

    Ambassadors that would not only be able to provide value similar to an outreach and/or programmatic ambassador but would serve as advisors to the network, provide support with sustainability, funding, or develop collaborative initiatives with ENRICH, etc. For example, working with ENRICH network to provide support capital raising and business development efforts, i.e. bring important investment/potential business opportunities to the ENRICH in the USA service users.


Legal status

The status of the Ambassador is not legally binding. Ambassadors are not consortium partners.


Means of communication:

A mailing list, ambassadors[at] has been created for outgoing messages. General enquiries can also be sent to the aforementioned email address. Currently, there is no plan to organize physical meetings with the Ambassadors of the ENRICH in the USA. However, the project will regularly communicate and exchange with the Ambassadors, when required. A summarized calendar of the ENRICH in the USA events, which is anticipated to be beneficial to the Ambassadors, will become available on the ENRICH in the USA website.


Confidentiality Issues

The Ambassadors will receive only non-confidential information, so that they can act as a multiplier for the project results without risking infringement of confidentiality.


Reporting requirement

All ambassadors are expected to communicate with ENRICH in the USA regularly with any needs or questions and to assist in their pre-determined roles. There are no more formal reporting requirements for the Ambassadors, except if they act as service providers for ENRICH in the USA – in that case, reporting requirements will be agreed on separately. Ambassadors will be invited to renew their commitment to ENRICH in the USA at the beginning of each calendar year. Resources: The Ambassadors do not receive funding or payment unless agreed otherwise on a case-to-case basis. There is no fee to become an Ambassador.

Access Rights

The Ambassadors will not be granted any Access Rights to the project results provided to the European Commission, since they are neither a Partner of the Consortium nor an Affiliated Entity of the Consortium.


Contact Points for the Ambassadors

You can be in touch either with the primary contact, or with any of the ENRICH in the USA team members indicated below.



ENRICH in the USA Ambassador Terms of Reference

ENRICH in the USA Ambassador Expression of Interest